Huge Variety of Vanilla Bean Pods Available For Sale in Online Marketplace

Vanilla Bean Pods For Sale

After saffron and cardamom, Vanilla is rated as the most expensive spice of the world. Mostly grown within 10-20 degrees of the equator, vanilla orchid family produces 150 varieties of the vanilla beans. But amongst these varieties, only two varieties- Tahitian and Bourbon have extensive commercial uses. This is the main reason if you buy Vanilla bean pods of Tahitian and Bourbon variety, you will find them extremely expensive. Therefore, retail users prefer buying Vanilla bean pods for sale in bulk quantity.

The flavour, appearance and aroma of Vanilla beans differ on the basis of country. It is because the climatic conditions, soil, vanilla species and curing methods differ from one country to another. For instance, Madagascar vanilla beans have sweet and creamy flavor, Mexican beans have both sweet and spicy taste whereas Tahitian beans have flowery attributes. The top 5 vanilla growing regions around the world are Madagascar, Indonesia, Mexico, Tahiti and Uganda.

Different Uses of Vanilla Beans

The commercial users buy vanilla bean pods from sale in huge quantities. It is because they required these beans for preparing scores of lip-smacking recipes like custards, ice-creams, etc. But do not get surprised if you come to know that even retail users buy these beans in a huge quantity. The two main reasons are these beans have an average shelf life of 2 years if stored properly and they use them in multiple ways. Some of the popular uses are:

  1. Scrap tiny vanilla seeds from the pods for preparing vanilla sugar. This flavored sugar gets easily dissolve in both cold and hot liquids. One can easily use the flavored sugar in the place of general sugar to make tea and coffee both healthy and aromatic.
  2. You can even prepare homemade vanilla powder and sprinkle them on smoothies and salads.
  3. Desserts and baking dishes are easy to cook with homemade vanilla extract or powder. The homemade vanilla powder is free from added preservatives and thus considered as a healthier alternative to readymade powder.

So, buy any variety of vanilla bean pods from sale from online suppliers and maintain their huge stock to prepare dishes as per your tastes and requirements.

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