Tahitian Vanilla Beans: Perfect Addition to Gourmet Dishes and Desserts

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahiti is an island in the Southern Pacific Island Chain for growing vanilla. The region has tropical climate, which is perfect for growing Tahitian Vanilla beans. The manner in which these beans are cultivated is different from cultivated in Mexico or Madagascar. Growers pick and pack the mature beans and stack them in a cool place for 5-10 days. These beans are then rinsed with clean water. For the next one month, the beans are exposed to the sun for minimum three hours in a day.  These are premium quality beans with a fruity, floral and cherry-like flavour. Owing to these factors, the vanilla seeds obtained from Tahitian beans add a visual delight to a number of gourmet dishes.

Some of the most common ways to use Tahitian Vanilla Beans are:

  • These beans are ideal to make sweet dishes and desserts like pastry creams, smoothies, custards, yogurt, fruit pies, ice creams and shakes.
  • For savory dishes, they easily blend with sweet potato salad, beurre blanc sauce for seafood and salad dressings.
  • They make a good addition to beverages like mojitos and agua fresco.

Unique Traits of Tahitian Vanilla Beans

  • As compared to gourmet vanilla beans, they have a higher moisture content.
  • These beans pods are plump and juicy with an average length of pod is over 14 inches.
  • These beans are gluten-free, non-GMO and a vegan product.
  • The vanilla flavour is present in both the seeds and beans, so take the maximum advantage of both. Till the time bean retains its aroma and moistness, rinse and dry them, and reuse them.

Tahitian Vanilla beans come in both Grade A and Grade B versions. Interested people can purchase pods of any grade from online suppliers. The grade does not define the quality of beans; they only help in distinguishing bean pods on moisture and appearance grounds instead. As the name indicates, grade A beans are expensive than its counterparts. However, people can easily make custards and ice-cream from Grade B beans also. In fact, food experts believe that Grade B bean is the best to use for making homemade vanilla extract. So, make a purchase as per your preferences.

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